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layerA = new Layer
layerA . onEvents . ForceTap , (event) ->
print " Forcetap "
# ForEvents.ForceTap
layerA . onForceTap ->
print " Forcetap "
# ForEvents.ForceTapChange
layerA . onForceTapChange ->
print " Changeofforcetappressure "
# ForEvents.ForceTapStart
layerA . onForceTapStart ->
print " Startforcetap "
# ForEvents.ForceTapEnd
layerA . onForceTapEnd ->
print " Endforcetap "

LongPress events receive the Clearance Marketable Clearance Online Fake Mens Grey suede chelsea boot River Island Discount Best Seller EFGUk01P

# Detectalongpress
layer . onEvents . LongPress , (event) ->
print " Longpress "
# ForEvents.LongPress
layerA . onLongPress ->
print " Longpress "
# ForEvents.LongPressStart
layerA . onLongPressStart ->
print " Startlongpress "
# ForEvents.LongPressEnd
layerA . onLongPressEnd ->
print " Endlongpress "

Swipe events receive the gesture event properties.

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Customer service
From the July–August 2010 Issue
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Executive Summary

Reprint: R1007L

The notion that companies must go above and beyond in their customer service activities is so entrenched that managers rarely examine it. But a study of more than 75,000 people interacting with contact-center representatives or using self-service channels found that over-the-top efforts make little difference: All customers really want is a simple, quick solution to their problem.

The Corporate Executive Board’s Dixon and colleagues describe five loyalty-building tactics that every company should adopt: Reduce the need for repeat calls by anticipating and dealing with related downstream issues; arm reps to address the emotional side of customer interactions; minimize the need for customers to switch service channels; elicit and use feedback from disgruntled or struggling customers; and focus on problem solving, not speed.

The authors also introduce the Customer Effort Score and show that it is a better predictor of loyalty than customer satisfaction measures or the Net Promoter Score. And they make available to readers a related diagnostic tool, the Customer Effort Audit. They conclude that we are reaching a tipping point that may presage the end of the telephone as the main channel for service interactions—and that managers therefore have an opportunity to rebuild their service organizations and put reducing customer effort firmly at the core, where it belongs.

Conventional wisdom holds that to increase loyalty, companies must “delight” customers by exceeding service expectations. A large-scale study of contact-center and self-service interactions, however, finds that what customers really want (but rarely get) is just a satisfactory solution to their service issue.

Reps should focus on reducing the effort customers must make. Doing so increases the likelihood that they will return to the company, increase the amount they spend there, and speak positively (and not negatively) about it—in other words, that they’ll become more loyal.

To meet customers’ expectations, reps should anticipate and head off the need for follow-up calls, address the emotional side of interactions, minimize the need for customers to switch service channels, listen to and learn from disgruntled customers, and focus on problem solving, not speed.

The idea that companies must “delight” their customers has become so entrenched that managers rarely examine it. But ask yourself this: How often does someone patronize a company specifically because of its over-the-top service? You can probably think of a few examples, such as the traveler who makes a point of returning to a hotel that has a particularly attentive staff. But you probably can’t come up with many.

What’s more, many situations in traditional companies evoke feelings not unlike an inmate’s uncertainty about her worth and her intensified need for respect. Consider someone working in a low-status occupation or for a company undergoing a change in leadership that raises questions about whether employees will continue to be valued. The need for both owed and earned respect—and the validation they confer—are key factors shaping workers’ attitudes and behaviors across a variety of employment situations.

In all but the most toxic workplaces, building a respectful organization does not demand an overhaul of HR policies or any other formal changes. Rather, what’s needed is ongoing consideration of the subtle but important ways in which owed and earned respect can be conveyed. Here are seven small ones leaders and managers can use to make an outsize impact on workers.

Every employee should feel that his or her dignity is recognized and respected. This is especially important for lower-level workers. Cost For Sale Inexpensive Online Debonair Skinny Checked Wool Suit Trousers Ted Baker High Quality Sale Online Cheap Sale Shop Cheap Perfect oWiOTVar
of being valued or devalued at work, conducted by Jane Dutton (of the University of Michigan), Gelaye Debebe (George Washington University), and Amy Wrzesniewski (Yale), many hospital cleaners described seemingly subtle cues that prompted them to feel that their worth was enhanced or diminished. Some cleaners were never acknowledged by other staff members, making them feel invisible or as though they were looking in on hospital operations from the outside. Others reported a boost in energy and worth from a doctor’s simply greeting them or holding a door. Even in prestigious companies, issues of owed respect are top of mind. An Apple sales associate described his first impression of the company’s CEO in a 2011 blog: “For Tim Cook there are no dumb questions. When he answered me he spoke to me as if I were the most important person at Apple. Indeed, he addressed me as if I were Steve Jobs himself. His look, his tone, the long pause…that’s the day I began to feel like more than just a replaceable part. I was one of the tens of thousands of integral parts of Apple.” Take a moment to consider whether your professional status is keeping you from perceiving a gap in respect, and note that simple acknowledgment or praise from a leader is often enough to make an employee feel valued.

Whether we are leaders or coworkers, we can all shape an environment where colleagues reinforce respectful cues and make social worth a day-to-day reality for one another. Marketable Fast Delivery Online Mardee High Rise Cut Off Short in Blue GRLFRND Buy Cheap Wide Range Of Discount Deals Discount Free Shipping zwfwy8B
to specific behaviors that convey owed respect, such as active listening and valuing diverse backgrounds and ideas. For leaders, delegating important tasks, remaining open to advice, giving employees freedom to pursue creative ideas, taking an interest in their nonwork lives, and publicly backing them in critical situations are some of the many behaviors that impart respect.

Pay attention to norms about how to convey respect; they may vary, even from one department to another. Perhaps people in your previous workplace signaled owed respect by exchanging morning pleasantries with colleagues, but those in your new workplace would find that a rude distraction during the critical start to the workday. Or maybe in your prior environment providing both praise and critical feedback during practice sessions for client presentations was considered an expression of earned respect, but your current colleagues would see that as offensive.

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March 24th, 2014 Personal , Personal Growth

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It’s not unusual for people to compare themselves with others around them, and to feel superior or inferior towards them based on their strengths and their weaknesses.

The thing is, every individual is different and we all function differently based on our personalities. It is important to know yourself and your capacities.

Your strengths are things you can leverage on, things you can use to push yourself further.

On the other hand, your weaknesses are not your downfall. These are areas you need to improve on. It is not something you lack. It is something you need to develop and build.

In order to leverage your strengths and improve on your weaknesses, you first need to know them.

In his book Marbledprint Vneck silksatin midi dress Vince Shop Offer Cheap Price Outlet Store For Sale COnOomUGa
, author Robert Kaplan observes that most people actually have no clue what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Kaplan believes that people should take ownership of assessing themselves. After all, it is for their own personal development.

Your biggest personal strength would be something that comes very easily for you. Take some time and think about what comes naturally for you. It could be anything.

For example, perhaps you have no problems having conversations with people you meet for the first time, or being able to think of quick solutions in a tense environment.

Here is a simple exercise you can try. From the list of attributes in Table 1 (see below), pick five that represent you the most, and arrange them in order, with number five being the one that represents you the least and number one being the one which represents you the most.

Remember, don’t choose attributes that you want to have. Choose those which really represent you. You can choose more than five if you want to.

Now that you have your list, you know what your biggest strengths are. Leverage them.

It is equally important to know your weaknesses as much as knowing your strengths.

Your weaknesses hold you back from achieving many great things. Weaknesses are areas that you have the power to improve. It can be anything ranging from professional to social skills.